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Loudspeaker technology taken to the extreme When developers are allowed to draw on the full technological potential, when material costs only play a minor role and product designers have a free hand in designing, then high end is created in its purest form. La Diva, our...

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The high-end flagship from Heco


If developers can draw on the full technological potential, if material costs only play a minor role and product designers have a free hand in designing, then high end is created in its purest form. La Diva, our new top model, fulfills all of these requirements and, despite its name, is extremely sociable.


The alpha and omega of excellent sound are carefully selected components and these are in abundance in the La Diva. A 2nd generation Fluctus tweeter is used in the high frequency range. The 30mm polyfiber compound dome sits in a solid aluminum front plate, which has the special wave geometry that gives the tweeter a perfect dispersion. A powerful double magnet system guarantees unadulterated performance up to the highest levels.

The elaborately designed midrange is driven by an AlNiCo magnet system. The combination of aluminum, nickel and cobalt, which is responsible for the name, offers extremely high magnetic field strengths and is extremely temperature-stable, which means that our midrange is unsurpassed in terms of dynamics and resolution. The 25mm voice coil provides the thrust for the tightly clamped membrane made from the legendary HECO kraft paper. This is made from pre-selected, Nordic coniferous wood with particularly strong fibers, which is superior to conventional paper membranes, as their strong fibers together with wool threads from German production form a tightly connected fiber network that combines maximum stability with minimum weight. The separate mid-range cabinet is open to the rear and aperiodically muffled.


The bass membranes of the Heco La Diva are of course also made of kraft paper. Two 200 mm models with 32 mm voice coils work synchronously in the baffle. But that's not all: four bass radiators, two on the right and two on the left, ensure an even deeper bass down to 17 Hz.

The connection terminals, which not only offer the option of tri-wiring and tri, demonstrate that the technical care does not end with the details -Amping separately for each frequency range, but also enable the high-frequency range to be adjusted by +2 dB and the mid-range range by -2 dB. It goes without saying that behind all this there is an elaborate crossover with components with the tightest tolerances.


All of this is packaged in a housing that is second to none. Solid and with a streamlined cross-section, it nips resonances inside in the bud. With its noble and timeless piano lacquer, the La Diva is an eye-catcher in every living environment. However, it derives its special charm from the details made of solid aluminum. Both the base plate with its adjustable metal cone tips, which guarantee a safe and precise stand on any surface, as well as the side struts that protect the passive radiators from unintentional contact, are made of the high-tech material. All of this adds up to a total weight of an impressive 49.8 kg per speaker, perfectly proportioned to a height of 124 cm, width of 38.5 cm and depth of 46.5 cm.