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Aurora 700 Floorstanding Speaker

The Aurora 700 floorstanding speaker fires off acoustic fireworks to deliver a powerful and detailed performance into your home theater.

HECO German Home Audio & Speakers


For over 70 years, legendary loudspeaker series have shaped the image of the HECO brand. Always reinvented over time - and spanning a period that has witnessed some of the most important developments in hi-fi technology.

All this testifies to the strength and unbroken innovative power of the brand.

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Ambient Line

There is an increasing requirement for speakers to be integrated into a living room environment. In an ideal world, built-in speakers would solve this problem, however, these require corresponding structural measures. The perfect solution for such cases is therefore offered by the Ambient line.

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Celan Revolution

Visual and sound revolution of an audiophile legend

The HECO Celan range has been thrilling music lovers and home cinema fans around the world for three generations now. However, rather than rest on their laurels, our design and development team wanted to create a unique, standalone loudspeaker family in the fourth generation as a worthy successor to the legendary Celan GT Series – the Celan Revolution.

Celan Revolution
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La Diva

The High-End Flagship from Heco

The flagship of the Heco product range combines the full experience and expertise of the brand. Traditional materials that represent state-of-the-art technology through consistent development, together with components perfected with the latest technology to guarantee maximum sound quality.

La Diva


HECO is a brand name that represents a rich and long tradition in German speaker production. Since the day the company was founded more than six decades ago, it has been committed to developing an uncompromising, high-quality reproduction of music in a home environment.

This legendary speaker series has shaped the image of the brand to date. The fact that HECO has reinvented itself time and again over more than sixty years of its history - spanning a period that has witnessed some of the most important developments in HiFi technology - is a testament to its strength and innovative power of the brand.

Countless accolades and test victories are proof of this passion for perfection. We combine our expertise to produce outstanding products.

German HiFi since 1949 – and still ahead of the times.